5 effective ways to promote your next event

With the growth of the internet, it is no surprise that there are multiple ways to promote your event. From creating digital personas and identities for your event, to creating ambassadors and die hard fans of your event before even having it’s first edition. With the tremendous growth in competition digitally, one should look at ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd. In this article, we are going to stress a little on the conventional methods that still prove to be effective to this day.

Word of mouth

Yes that’s right, Talk! Don’t text, Talk! Don’t message, Talk! Don’t email, open your mouth and well, Talk!

It would be crazy to think that a few decades back, people would have to wait days to get a message across to another person living in a different location. Imagine sending out invitations to Woodstock and the invitations did not arrive until the after the event.

One on one communication proves to still be the defining factor in any sales process. The conversion rate is usually on the upwards of 60% as you are addressing all issues and doubts in real time! Word of mouth fosters trust as you hear about the event from a trustworthy source.

Associations & organizations

The big task at hand using this method is identifying organizations which correlates with your vision. For example if you plan on organizing a Blood Drive, seeking out partnerships from local hospitals and universities would be much more beneficial than approaching say, Jiffylube.

Partnerships should ideally work in both parties favor with an emphasis on cross promotion. The event planner could utilize resources provided by hospitals, clinics and universities while providing the blood drive attendees with various discounts and rewards in return.

A strong partnership with the right organizations can increase market share, brand awareness and event attendees across various platforms. So, don’t be afraid to link up with like minded people and groups to benefit booth parties in the long run.

Promotion via other events

Where better to find a group of individuals who actively attend events, than well, an event?

Start by shortlisting the upcoming events in your community and identifying those which match your ideal attendee list. You could then reach out to the organizers for that event and find out if they are open to cross promotions. Or even giving you 2 minutes on their stage to talk about your event. You could also maybe set up a small booth or include giveaways in the events welcome package, which might cost you a bit but the exposure would be tremendous.


Social media over the last five years has become a business and personal communication tool for everyone. Connecting with others throughout the world is simply a click away! Why not utilize online resources to promote your event?

Also, marketing to your direct audience is simplified with tags, hashtags, cross promotions, blogs, and links etc… For example if your up coming event is a Hip-Hop concert you can utilize your company social media resources and the artist social media to promote the event globally! If done correctly you can possibly have a sold out event within minutes!

Never underestimate to power of connection and communication online such as like, share and comment its the universal language of online marketing.

Email Marketing

The average amount of time spent reading an email is barely a little over 10 seconds, where as the amount of time spent reading a letter, depending on content can average between 1 to 5  minutes.

Email marketing should be utilized throughout the event promotion process to keep attendees and possible attendees aware of changes and updates. The goal is not only increasing attendees but creating an email list which can benefit the event organizers with future events as well.

For more information about email marketing check out our article, ‘Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for Event Planners.

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