How to Emcee an Event

The Holidays are officially here! During this time of the year everyone are usually very busy, overworked, stressed and spending large amounts of money but events help make things a little less painful.  However, if your asked to emcee an event your job is to make it memorable and entertaining for your guess. Below are a few tips on how to emcee an event. Also, View our article, “How to prepare for holiday parties and events without stress” which gives great tips for Holiday event planning.

Emceeing an event can be a challenging task but a well prepared emcee can be the difference between a greatly executed event and a poorly prepared one.

Tip 1: Know your audience

While preparing to emcee an event you must know your audience. Prepare research on who’s attending the event and what type of event you’ll be hosting whether it is an office, sports or religious event. Practice an effective opening that will set the tone for the entire event. If your audience already has low energy you don’t want to use a monotone voice. Keep the audience excited from beginning to the end.

Tip 2: Introduce yourself

Never assume everyone knows who you are, introduce yourself at the beginning so the audience gets acquainted. You never want to leave the audience questioning who you are and why you’re onstage. Even if you believe everyone is familiar with who you are still introduce yourself.  Also, say your name again at the closing of the event so the audience will remember you.

Tip 3: Tell jokes

Telling jokes is not for everyone so proceed with caution. Knowing your audience really will help you determine if it’s the right time or place to tell a particular joke, subject matter is very important so be mindful of what you find funny because others may find it offensive.

Tip 4: Smile & maintain eye contact

Connecting with your audience is very important, maintaining good eye contact and smiling creates good vibes, usually when you smile at someone its contagious. Connecting with your audience will definitely set the tone. Nonverbal language lets your audience know your excited and happy to be there with them.

Tip 5: Show Appreciation

When the event is coming to a close it’s important to recognize everyone who contributed to the event success. Thank the audience, staffing, entertainment and the event organizer. Also, recap key points, and announcements. State your name and wish everyone well.

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