How to Host an Event in College


Hosting a college event requires a great deal of forethought and planning. Before the fun begins there are a handful of steps that need to be executed prior to having an event. Events such as on- campus events, open to the public events; dances, fundraisers, parties and other social gatherings should be approved by your school beforehand. When it comes to hosting an event that’s the easy part! Below are 4 steps you should take when hosting an event in college:

Plan with a purpose

Before you can begin the planning process of any event you must have a strategic purpose. A well-planned event will serve as a blueprint and guide throughout the whole event process. Hosting an event on a college campus successfully, takes time, money and effort from everyone involved, therefore wasting time and money is not an option. Write a step by step plan concerning the theme, venue, purpose and budget.


One of the simplest ways to better promote your event is to partner with other organizations on campus whether it’s the booster club, sororities, fraternities, academic clubs or other groups that can help bring everything together. Partnering with others will help expand your audience and build relationships with those organizations for future events. Networking with others opens doors for new opportunities throughout your college experience and professionally.


After creating a strategic plan and partnering with other organizations on campus, promoting online, social media and word of mouth is best practice. Creating online campaigns such as promotional videos, flyers, post, and paid advertisements are essential. Avoiding additional expenses are key but if it’s a huge event budgeting for advertisement should be considered.


During the event it’s important to have periodic “check points” for assessing how effectively you are meeting the objectives you have set for the event in the pre-planning stages. In short, assessing success should not just happen at the end of the event but throughout the entire planning process. Have fun and keep note of everything so you can apply to your next event.


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